heir freedom, completely control the little beast issued a final voice for mercy.

  Logically, such a voice will make a man feel full of a variety of inflamed, Long Qing is not accidental, but a shake between God, he saw among the Sumi eyes that little bit 天津夜网论坛of resistance, that is, a little bit, let him instantly pulled out from among the monstrous **.
  Susu is unwilling!
  Yourself how can so thin!
  Susu think they will not respect her?
  Susu will not be happy?
  Now how should I do?
  The bombing of a series of questions from the dragon’s head off engine.
  Carefully loosen a little Susu, Long Qing carefully looked at Sumi look.
  Or is so charm the crowd, with the three princes so long unable to control better.
  It seems to be not angry?…
  Long Qing tentative cry Sumi.
  Not angry!
  This is the sound of watery sound in general so long engine completely at ease.
  Not angry enough, not angry enough.
  If this is really angry, helpless what should be himself.
  Long Qing gently into the arms hold the Sumi, Sumi feeling of what they look back: “In the future, exc杭州桑拿洗浴ept in front of me can drink, who are not in front of it!Not hear!”
  ”why?”Sumi frowned delicate brow, with a bit unconvinced.
  While still unconscious little hands groping toward the table a few times, once for himself, filling wine, holding wine glasses, secure in the arms of the dragon engine began to drink up.
  ”Where to why, I said how on how to!”Long Qing naturally will not say what they are jealous, then at this time.
  Even to say, their home can react little young married woman is not allowed to say what it means!
  ”Okay Okay, you say how how slightly, what fierce fierce Well!”This is the Sumi fifth glass of wine.
  If not drunk unconscious, but there have also been some less sober.
  In other words, she is now, doing children, say something, but has some brains.
  The sixth cup, when such a situation even heavier.
  Journeying silly smile, look at the dragon engines do not know why, all of a sudden some distressed.
  ”Su yarn.”
  I do not know why, suddenly called the dragon engine has been pre