ple, you really are a stepmother thought chic.”Then, she looked up and smiled watch for:” This should be the Acacia buckle buckle it?”

  Shen late hesitated and feel like Qin Momo smile that seems to do not have meaning, but do not quite understand where the mean.And put down these thoughts aside, she explained: “This does not belong to Acacia buckle buckle down.Is readily around a knot, is to plan a novel, if it feels this Mother snap mind, they will stop at random a name.”
  Qin Momo noncommittal smile.
  They深圳桑拿网 looked a lot about that knot, put in the collection box, it is carefully put together.
  ”Qing Yu, you come in with the principal care of your family are going to eat strike tea, hot days, Cool off by gas anyhow.”
  Qin Momo heard so commanded, Shen busy night and said: “Mother really flattering them.”
  Qin Momo interrupted her: “without problems, they also tucked away in this, it would be better to talk down to eat with some Zhancha servant girl is still a bit more.”
  Shen night had double life and Chun Tao said: “It is not fast thanked Mother Chi thick.”
  Double life and Chun Tao kowtow thanked busy, then there called Qing Yu servant brought down the tea.
  Others are down, the only two people in the late Qin Momo and Shen hall.
  Qin Momo end a cup of tea drinking began sluggishly, at the moment actually no longer speak, dr深圳桑拿网ooping facial features, it seems appropriate, what.
  Shen late this moment suddenly blessing to the soul, she realized Qin Momo fear is deliberately sent away the people around them, there should be something to be said with her alone.
  Gu said the thought of a mother into the care of the House before that we asked her whereabouts Qin Momo, and later with spies Guli Xuan Long, Shen night operation in which key brain quickly, whether it is anything she can, and Huaiyin Hou House or Guli Xuan Qin Momo can be associated?

Chapter 32 fate fear is done
  Qin Momo put aside his tea cup, looking at her, the end is the first to say: “That thing.Gu principal is to discuss with you ever strike?”
  Shen late shuddered, Guli Xuan anything to discuss with h