[How long is the ribs stewed?]_ How to stew_How to stew

[How long is the ribs stewed?]_ How to stew_How to stew

There are many ways to eat pork ribs, but most people still prefer to eat stewed pork ribs, because stewed pork ribs are completely soft and tender, and they can also fully exert the effects of pork ribs.

However, in the process of ribs stewing, we must pay attention to the time and heat of ribs, because the ribs will be better for the human body.

So how long does it take to stew the ribs?

Stewed pork ribs are long-lasting and the best stewed pork ribs are divided into two soups: one is milky thick soup.

You must add enough water at one time, do not add water halfway, and do not add soy sauce. It will take about one hour to heat after boiling.

Features: Rotten meat soup with strong flavor.

The second is the clear soup, which can not be added with soy sauce. After the high heat is boiled, it is turned into a low heat, about 1, 5-2 hours.

Features: Tang Qing is delicious.

The key difference between them is the size of the fire!

How to stew ribs Stew delicious Ingredients: ribs (appropriate) Shiitake (appropriate) Ingredients: spring onion (appropriate) ginger slices (appropriate) garlic (appropriate) dried peppers (appropriate) stewed pork ribs practice: stewed pork ribs steps: 1Chop the pork ribs into small pieces, add hot water and simmer for a while, remove and control the moisture.

Steps to stew pork ribs: 2 Prepare onion segments ginger slices garlic, dried peppers, pepper aniseed.

Steps of stewing pork ribs: 3 Soak the mushrooms in advance and cut into small pieces for later use.

Steps for stewing pork ribs: Put oil in 4 hot pans, and put dried peppers into aniseed peppercorns.

How to stew pork ribs: 5 Add pork ribs and stir fry over high heat.

How to stew pork ribs: 6 Add soy sauce, sugar, and continue frying for 2 minutes.

Steps of stewing pork ribs: 7 Add water without ribs, add onion ginger garlic, shiitake mushrooms, drizzle vinegar and add an appropriate amount of salt.

How to stew pork ribs: After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for about an hour.

Steps of stewing pork ribs: 9 sauces can be served after serving.

Tips for Stewing Pork Ribs1. It is recommended to use mineral water to make a beautiful soup. The taste will be more beautiful.

2. Some medical experts say that after boiling the water, you can add an appropriate amount of vinegar. The vinegar can dissolve the phosphorus and calcium in the bones into the soup. 3. Cook the pork bones with horseshoes and blue and red lobes and boil it slowly for two hours.You can drink it. This soup is also fresh and sweet without adding MSG. 4. If it is lamb bone, then you need to put ginger and red dates, ginseng and jade bamboo to pressure the taste.

After the pork ribs are cooked in the medium heat, it can be simmered for about 1 hour. It is better to stew with casserole, and it can also serve the function of heat preservation. 5. Stew with corn and ribs will taste better. You can add orange peel and green onion to make it taste better.More delicious!