hessboard, positive and Yongning Hou father and son sitting with chess.

  Hearing this news, Yongning Hou Han Zhen eyebrow and asked: “Dad, how do you see?”
  This indicates that people are afraid of the people bully you son daughter, even accompanied by a security guard were also domesticated you do not declare, as if Yongning Houfu is like Longtanhuxue.
  Yongning Hou lazy underground a child, casually authentic: “With their meaning, I want to leave it on the left!”
  ”You’re going to say to father a grandfather, meaning no accident, no surprise surprise?”Han Zhen was surprised and asked, speaking Yongning Hou is less than the age of forty, though men generally aware of this day and age to get married early age, when the grandfather of many people early.But still I feel no dou南宁夜网bt.
  Today’s Yongning Hou with time just back to Beijing less the same, there is little change in the years to him seemed stalled.Go on like this, and so a few years out, they will not when they are father and son, brothers thought it was too!
  Yongning Hou face no fluctuation, I do not want to answer this question meaningless.
  ”The palace guards you’ve seen everything, there is a need to mobilize them when you can.I’m not your grandfather’s time in addition, they also obey your command, you have to take with them.”Yongning Houchuimoudao.
  ”Got it!”Han Zhen promised down, hurriedly asked Another matter of concern since,” Yes, you know the father in Changning Houfu ‘Mandarin House’ Satomi Who yet?”
  Like Houfu outside watching the movements of Yongning, Yongning Hou Han Zhen do not believe that political opponents do not pay attention to placement of manpower, certainly has its own private intelligence network.
  Yongning Hou did not make him conceal it, directly and said: “Li Wei did not go out today, are you playing in the palace to recuperate, so there is no clue yet.Now that you are aware, people are not stupid, of course, only more cautiously深圳蒲友论坛, I will send a follow.”
  ”Ok!”Han Zhen rolled his