er brother attitude?”

  CHENG Jia-xing ate quite a few fish, and grilled food that, it said: “Let us arrange, we can come if they are too busy to follow dip the light, too busy to even, say no to earn this money food to eat.I have my parents said that it was no problem to help sister-in-law, but also told them that the sale itself did not last long, hard period of time to hand the money will be able to rest, do not know when the next time trading opened yet.”
  ”This is the reason, we do it well do break, they also had a good rest.”Listen to what he mentioned the father and mother, sister-in-law just think Johnson apricot sister Come thing,” you just feel the rest back to the house had never been seen sister-in-law told me that she would like to take them back to do business with us bullock carts, or rent is also OK.”
  ”You mean young married woman?”
  ”I s南宁桑拿aid if you do not agree with my opinion, after I entered the sister-in-law helped me a lot, we can not take a bullock cart are reluctant.”
  ”Then by chanting, do not give any money, she gave me to feed the cattle is, I’m looking hungry, lost her.”
  Johnson apricot He nodded and said a little later to close the past bowls a good way to inform soon: “I do not know over there to raise capital Sao brother did not, in fact, only need to prepare the first day of getting goods to money, the sale done back naturally, I think should not be difficult to raise one hundred twenty-two?But now it seems no silver Yisow brother, just do not know where we will not borrow.”
  CHENG Jia-xing said no.
  ”We do wholesale business with who are with, not poor, but it will feel aggrieved by the brother help, even if there are still difficulties will not b杭州桑拿ring bother me, you should think of other ways.Mong also got a sum of mone